Monstar Lab
Our client is one of the leading high-tech manufacturers in China to develop and produce medical computer infusion pumps. “ANGEL” series infusion pumps are the famous products with the largest domestic market share, and have been exported to the international market.The client want to improve the intelligence of this series of products, to improve hospital care efficiency, and realize the timely and effective monitoring and management of electronic infusion pumps in actual operations.

The key to solving this problem is to establish the connection between the mobile terminal and the infusion pump electronic equipment, that is, the practical application of the Internet of Things. The overall development of the mobile terminal and data management system is delivered by Monstar Lab China.We cooperated with client's equipment engineers in the early stage to achieve common data system to achieve massive remote data management. As a traditional medical machinery manufacturing company, it does not have much experience in Internet applications. We also provides customers with a complete set of UI / UX design. Just bind the app to a certain device, not only medical staff, but also ordinary users can monitor the time, consumption and other dimensions, including the real-time remind and remote monitoring.

This IoT-based telemedicine management APP is planned to be officially put into use in the second half of 2020. We will continue to provide client with long-term technical operation and maintenance services. We will have further cooperation in the digital transformation of more products.