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A famous electronic company
—Chinese market penetration/Product localization

Our client is one of the top companies in the world. They were facing difficulties in gaining local industry insights, doing local market research and communication at the early stage of entering China market. As the local spokesman, we help our client establish the relationships with the top internet companies in China, industrial associations and government, invovled in the business negotiations and sales process. We have moved to next stage, currently we are working closely with our client on cutting-edge technology research and product demo development.Those quality demoes has been exhibited at Mobile World Congress in Bacelona and Shanghai 2019 and got a good sales response.

—Localization development, sales and operation

This assessment platform for programmers is originally developed by HackerEarth India, and has performed well in US and Japan. Monstar Lab China has carried out the localization development, sales and operation in China. It provides enterprise software solutions that help organizations with their innovation management and technical recruitment needs. HackerEarth offers a huge test library and a variety of program languages, automatic scoring and customized questions, which helps companies to test and evaluate more effectively when interviewing programmers.

—Localization development / WeChat mini program

RECLO is one of the largest second-hand luxury brand retailer in Japan. They were planning to expand their business to China market. They required a digital platform which met Chinese customer preference and can help them penetrate China market quickly. We offered the Chinese UX researching and created low-code WeChat offical account and mini program that allows customers buy the products and services form Japan directly. By far RECLO has been in China market for 3 years and got good performance in sales.

Koubei(Alibaba Group)
—E-commerce innovation development

Koubei is a lifestyle mobile application which provides information about restaurants, entertainment, travling etc. Over 2.5 millions stores in China have opened accounts with Koubei. With the trend of 'New Retail', Koubei realized that there was a giant gap between online and offline activities. Client turned to our team to create a solution to integrate online and offline activities from discovering stores to payment and service review. Working in close collaboration with the client, we developed a mobile app plugin with an implementation of gamification features and social media style interactions, users are more engaged in the experience. Alibaba provides the platform, and Monstar Lab takes care of all the technical development and maintenance.

Prisma Illya Alarm
ーLocalization development and operation

Prisma Illya Alarm is an Alarm Application based on the popular ongoing TV Anime series Prisma Illya. Monstar Lab China has developed this app with Prisma Illya's voices and pictures in Chinese and English. Now it is available worldwide, has performanced well in paid apps stores and high number of downloading.

OneSmart Education
ーApplication development

OneSmart Education Group needed a user-friendly application that provides tutoring servies. Monstar Lab China developed a flexible multi-functional mobile application that allows teachers conduct 1 to 1 or 1 to many online or offline classes and students customize their own exam question library. By integrating with other systems seamlessly we have created a comprehensive O2O education system.




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