6 Challenges Clients Face
when Entering China

Market Access Solution

Focus On
your Core Business

To speeden up the process of entering the Chinese market, we help our clients establish the action plans by consulting and developing business strategies, processes for digital transformation, IT, being the client’s spokespeople, constructing local teams etc.

Market research & Digital strategy

Product localisation

Local companies visiting

Cooperation & Partner searching

Sales & marketing support

Solution Partners
and Offerings

In addition to consulting on your go-to-market strategy and plan, we also collaborate with partners that provide the below. This means that we are available and can support the client every step of the way.

Digital marketing Cloud servers HR & Accounting Gov. & Institutions Demestic IT &
Business Partners

Product Localisation

Perfect Digital Actions
in the Local Market

When our global clients target the Chinese market, we offer product localisation services. We offer the whole package from translations to developing products matching the Chinese users’ behaviour, needs and culture.


Product Localisation

Local & Global
Delivery Model

As our localisation partner, AWS China will offer global servers and data services in line with Chinese standards, to solve basic structural problems, and build better local digital experiences. It is very stable and the security is at the highest, but above all, your existing databases can be transferred into a Chinese account easily and fast.

We will recommend AliCloud when you plan to operate a new product in China, it can meet most of the development and data requirements in high security and speed, and have stable performance.


AWS Migration Strategy/Execution

Database synchronization

Links optimization

Alternative architecture for services not available in domestic market

Account agent

Proxy services such as filing of records for transactions that require a domestic corporation

AWS maintenance and operation




Domain names and Websites

Storage and networking

Chinese SDK

Cases that Optimised Penetration
in the Chinese Market

We use our strategic toolbox to define a true valuable and actionable strategy which in turn delivers success for our clients.

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The Chinese market is relatively closed, highly digitalized, but with a huge potential. Since 2010, we have collaborated with global clients supporting them in entering the market. In our experience there are three keys to success:

1) China business mindset

2) Efficient digitalization

3) Trusted local partners.

Anthea Zhang, CEO, Monstar Lab China

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